Introtuction of the first speaker of 5th IBS “Symbioza”

The 5th Intercollegiate Biotechnology Symposium “Symbioza” will be hosting excellent speakers from Poland and abroad. Today we would like to start introduceing our guests.

prof. Maciej Kurpisz from Institute of Human Genetics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poznan, Poland.


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Head of the Department of Reproductive Biology and Stem Cells in Human Genetics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan, and andrologist in the European Centre of Motherhood InviMed in Poznan. “Man of the Year 2010” by Americal Biographical Society in recognition of outstanding scientific discoveries and achievements and for dedication and excellence. Professor Maciej Kurpisz deals with diagnosis and treatment with a special focus on infertility andrology, genetics, medicine and anti-aging Immunology (regenerative medicine using stem cells). The pioneering nature of scientific approaches – research in the field of human reproductive biology, global nature of the work of his team, outstanding publishing and organizational achievements closely linked with the latest trends and broad international cooperation, make prof. Kurpisz an outstanding scientist, teacher and doctor.

Selected recent publications:
1. X-Linked TEX11 Mutations, Meiotic Arrest, and Azoospermia in Infertile Men, New Engl. J. Med. 2015, 371, 2097.

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