Programme and Guests

Programme overview

The programme of our Symposium combines well-known attractions with a refreshing breath of innovation. Here is what we prepared for you in the forthcoming edition:

  • ◘ 6+ outstanding Keynote Lectures of recognised researchers from all over Europe,
  • ◘ 5+ Industry Lectures prepared by our partners – leaders in the biotechnology industry,
  • ◘ 30+ Short Talks by the active participants,
  • ◘ 2 Sessions of Poster presentations by the active participants,
  • workshops in soft skills related to biotechnology,
  • ◘ on-site coffee and lunch breaks ideal for informal conversations and networking,
  • ◘ Warsaw sightseeing tour for interested participants
  • ◘ evening integration events.

Visit this page and our social media regularly as we will gradually reveal Keynote Lecturers, workshop topics, and integration events (among others)!

The main scientific events of the Symposium will begin early afternoon 10 May, and will conclude in the afternoon 12 May.

6+ outstanding Keynote Lectures of recognised researchers

5+ Industry Lectures prepared by our sponsors and partners, leaders in the biotechnology industry

30+ Short Talks by the active participants

2 Sessions of Poster presentations by the active participants

workshops in soft skills related to biotechnology

on-site coffee and lunch breaks ideal for informal conversations and networking