Current edition

The 11th Intercollegiate Biotechnology Symposium “Symbioza” has come to an end. We are grateful to all the participants for co-creating the atmosphere of this event, and hope that (depending on your needs) you learnt a lot or just had a great time with us at the campus of Warsaw University of Life Sciences or following our online programme. Let’s stay in touch: here are our social media accounts where we will post about the next editions and other projects of the Symbioza society.

It has been 11 years since the Warsaw Society of Biotechnology “Symbioza” was established! During that time, we organized many successful editions abounding in outstanding plenary lectures, inspiring talks, valuable workshops, and unforgettable integration events. The 5th edition was the first one held primarily in English, and in 2021 we made it to transfer the whole Symposium fully to the remote form! Currently, IBS Symbioza is organised as a hybrid event – you can participate either in person (which we strongly encourage!) or online.

Not only has the Symposium itself developed over the years, but also members of our Society went through a long way to obtain valuable experience both in biotechnology-related fields, but also in soft skills. Some of us already got their PhD and pursuit outstanding scientific careers in both academia and industry!

This year, we do our best to make our Symposium greater than ever, so apart from issues characterizing in person conference, we provide an option to join us remotely as a passive participant, for those of you unable to come. Although, we encourage you to participate in person, since there are various attractions scheduled, such as amazing plenary lectures. If you look forward to hear respected speakers, and present your own work in biotechnology, biology, bioengineering, bioinformatics, chemistry, chemical technology, chemical engineering, medicine, pharmacy, environmental studies, as well as other related fields including bioprinting, drug development, stem cells, microfluidics, microbiology, cancer research, bioremediation, neurobiology, and as many close subjects, as you can imagine, don’t hesitate any longer to register for our Symposium!

What’s in the programme?

On-site coffee and lunch breaks ideal for informal conversations and networking