Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare myself before using this platform? Do I need to download the app or is there a browser version?

You can use both: browser version or mobile app. Choose whichever is more convenient for you.

I have technical problems. Is there anyone I can contact and ask for help?

During the whole conference there is a team of our members ready to help you. You can use wonderMe platform under the link or simply send an e-mail to helpdesk@symbioza.edu.pl.

I have lost an Internet connection in the middle of my presentation. Will I get another chance to present?

Try to reconnect as quickly as possible. If you will manage to come back during your session – you will have a chance to present again. If not – don`t worry. We will move your presentation to another session, so participants will have an opportunity to hear about your amazing work.

What are the technical requirements for using Whova platform efficiently?

We have chosen a platform, which can be used by all of the participants. There are no specific requirements. Make sure to have some space left to install an app if you will be using it.

How can I join a keynote speaker lecture?

Lecture can be seen in it`s tab on Whova platform. Also, a limited number of people can be added to the zoom platform, which will allow them to ask questions without the need of typing them in a chat box.

How can I join the oral session of my choice?

If you are not presenting during this session – go to Agenda, pick a session and watch it. Questions can be asked with Q&A/chat box option.

What will the poster session look like?

Every poster has its separate room. You can join it and ask questions with a chat box. If you are presenting your poster – wait for commission members to join it. They will ask you few questions after your presentation. Also – don’t forget to check the chat box for participants` questions.

What is the method of asking questions during lectures, presentations and poster sessions?

All the questions you might have should be put in the chat box. Feel free to use it, presenters will surely appreciate them.

Is there any integration party planned?

Definitely and you cannot miss it! More information about the social event will be announced during the event.

I cannot access the Whova platform with the instructions you have sent. What can be the reason?

Make sure you are using the same email as during the registration process. Check your credentials for misspellings. Turn off your CapsLock. Check your Internet connection and try to delete cookies from your browser.

 Can I access your symposium using my smartphone or tablet? 

Whova works on computers, tablets and smartphones. Use a device which is the most comfortable for you. Keep in mind that you will need to change slides during your oral presentation. Pick and option which will allow you to do that with no complications.

I have deleted your email with the instructions for logging in into Whova. How can I proceed?

Contact us by email (helpdesk@symbioza.edu.pl). If you are presenting your poster – try to log in in advance, because preparing new credentials in this case takes more time.

How long before each lecture and session can I log in?

Joining a session of your choice will be possible 5 min before its scheduled time.

Will the Symposium be recorded?

No, we are not planning to record our Symposium.

My microphone/my camera does not work. What should I do?

Let us know using a chat box. Team of technicians will try to help you.

Can I log in with the same credentials using two devices?

At the same time you can be logged in on one computer and one mobile app.

I want to change rooms during the meeting. Is it possible?

You can change the session any time. Leave the one you are currently participating in, go to Agenda and pick a new one.

What is the difference between Q&A and Chat option?

Both Q&A and Chat are used for the session you are currently in. In Q&A you can vote for the question you would like to hear an answer. Chat is used for the general discussion. If you want to talk beyond session boundaries – use the “Community” section (which is divided into different categories).

Where can I ask questions about Symposium in general?

For questions not connected to a particular  session – use “Community”.

Can I prepare a list of sessions I am interested in to keep track of them?

Of course! Pick a session in “Agenda” and use an option “Add to my Agenda”.

I cannot see in Agenda a session I am interested in. What can I do?

Check your filters – do you have “tracks” option marked? Which mode are you in: Full Agenda or My Agenda? Change those settings so you can see a full list of sessions.

I want to ask a question during the poster/oral session. How can I do that?

Use a Chat box/Q&A. Chairman will read your question to the person who is presenting.

Who is sharing the screen during poster/oral presentations? Me or organizers?

You are going to share it on your own. Try to do that before our Symposium and if you will have any questions or problems – let us know (helpdesk@symbioza.edu.pl). 

How will the commision ask me a question after my presentation?

Questions will be asked directly (not using a chat box).

I have a weak Internet connection. Is it a problem?

Make sure your Internet connection is strong enough to be able to present. The safest option is wire connection/wifi with a strong signal. If you are not sure of your wifi connection, be prepared to create a hotspot with your mobile phone.

How can I turn on a pointer during my presentation?

If you have already started to share your screen – go to options bar (at the top of the screen), chose “spotlight” and pick first option.

I want to talk with sponsors. How can I do that?

There is a “Sponsors” section on our platform. Go there, pick a company you like to contact and use chat to send a message. There are also contact details if you prefer to send an email. 

Is turning on the camera obligatory during my presentation?

No, it`s not obligatory, but we encourage you to turn it on during your presentation, so participants can see you and fully experience your talk.

How can I share my ppt?

Posters will be presented with Google Meet (link), oral sessions with Zoom (link). 

Where can I find poster sessions, oral sessions and keynote speakers lectures?

Every session can be found in the “Agenda” section. Remember to add ones you are interested in to “My agenda” so you will not miss anything.