Current edition

Dear Participants,

as you may remember, today (22.06) a new round of registration was scheduled to start. Our plan had to be reconsidered, as COVID-19 epidemic in Poland is far from contained. Moreover, best available science indicates that this state of affairs will maintain for longer than we could have anticipated in March, when we took steps towards organizing “Symbioza” this October. After days of heated debate we agreed that it will not be safe nor responsible to proceed with our initial assumptions. Only reasonable decision we could make is to cancel the 9th Intercollegiate Biotechnology Symposium “Symbioza”.

To this day we worked with great hope in order to hold our conference on 23rd-25th of October, regrettably we need to inform you, that the event will not take place. On top of epidemiologic concerns, we face uncertainty of future regulation of Polish authorities in regards to public gatherings, and borders closing.

As we previously announced, all registration fees will be returned to your accounts at the latest next week. We hope that it will be possible for us to invite you for IBS “Symbioza” next year – and to be back on track to becoming the best biotechnology conference!

We also have good news. We will remain active online as long as necessary, developing our side project – Feel the Flow. Be ready to take part in our live events this autumn, and don’t forget to follow a Facebook fan page of the Feel the Flow project:

Best regards

IBS „Symbioza” Team