Conference address:

Warsaw, ul. Koszykowa 75

The VIIIth edition of Intercollegiate Biotechnology Symposium „Symbioza” will take place at the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science. If you are new in Warsaw getting there can cause you a little problem. To help you reach the symposium’s venue we would like to recommend using public transport.

In the interest of your punctual appearance at the IBS “Symbioza” 2019 we created a map which may help you find the destination easily. Furthermore, planning the trip facilitates the service which can be also download and viewed as a mobile phone application.

Transportation tips

If you decide to reach the destination by bus try:

from the area of Chopin Airport:

  • Line 175 (towards PL.PIŁSUDSKIEGO) – get off at DW. CENTRALNY stop and take tram (10, 17, 33 – more info below)
  • Line 188 (towards GOCŁAWEK WSCHODNI) – get off at GUS stop, change to tram 17 (towards METRO MARYMONT) and to to the KOSZYKOWA stop. From there it is a 5 min walk to the venue.

from the area of Warsaw West Station:

  • 159 (towards EC SIEKIERKI) – get off at NOAKOWSKIEGO stop, from there the venue of the conference is already visible

There is also an option to take a tram, if you opt for a tram then use:

from Warsaw Central Railway Station:

  • 10 (towards WYŚCIGI),
  • 17 (towards PKP SŁUŻEWIEC),
  • 33 (towards KIELECKA).

All of them stop at KOSZYKOWA, get off there and walk 5 min to the conference venue

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal.