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Warsaw Society of Biotechnology (WSB) “Symbioza” was founded in 2013 on the basis of the collaboration between students and graduates of the three most important universities in Warsaw: University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

The idea of forming the Society emerged after the great success of the 1st Intercollegiate Biotechnology Symposium “Symbioza,” with the eager intention of further, more extensive popularization of biotechnology in Poland.

The success of the conference resulted, for example, in winning the 2nd place in STRUNA contest in the category of “Conference of the year 2012.”

In 2013 we ran several other projects, e.g. next edition of the symposium, or OAK – all-Poland scientific presentation workshops. In October 2013 we co-organized the celebration of the 25th anniversary of biotechnology at Warsaw University of Technology. In 2014 we prepared 4th edition of the symposium and had the pleasue to organize the jubilee, 25th edition of OAK. 2015 saw the launch of our Feel the Flow Project – a series of meetings devoted to the improvement of practical skills for scientific projects management.

The majority of our projects is realized under honorary auspices of their magnificences rectors of the aforementioned universities.

This year we are organizing next, even better edition of the Symposium and many other projects!

We want our activity to be valued among biotechnology institutions. As students, we will do our best to support the popularization of biotechnology in academic, and other centers.

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The 5th edition of IBS “Symbioza” is co-organized by Centre for Innovation Management and Technology Transfer of Warsaw University of Technology (CZIiTT PW).

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Below are the profiles of Student Interest Groups, whose members organised the first edition of the conference and are now members of the “Symbioza” Society.


Warsaw University of Technology’s “HERBION”Logo KN Herbion Biotechnology Student Interest Group “Herbion” was established in 2003 at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology.

The founders, Robert Ziółkowski, Wiktor Szymański and Michał Mroczkiewicz,wanted to carry out a rector’s grant and needed a unit that could apply for funding.  They did not expect that the SIG would survive next 12 years and expand to today’s shape. For all these years “Herbion” conveyed a number of scientific projects, form the construction of a bioreactor, through biotransformations using enzymes, creation of a Warsaw University of Technology perfume brand “Entropy”, to genetically engineered phage of lactic acid bacteria.

Herbions, as the members proudly call themselves, popularized biotechnology through science shows and promoted the Faculty of Chemistry and the University during many mass events such as the Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre, the SIGs and Student Organizations’ Fair, open days at Warsaw University of Technology and Academic Village during yearly student carnival (Juwenalia).

Other activities include organizing many educational trips, such as nine Biotechnology Students Science Camps, excursions to the brewery in Zywiec, Lublin and Tychy, to Avon, or Dr. Irena Eris factories and even to Central Forensic Laboratory of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police.


knkolorWarsaw University of Life Sciences’ “KNBiotech”

„KNBiotech” brings together students of biotechnology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The SIG was founded in 1997 at the initiative of students of the Interfaculty Biotechnology Studies, however, as a result of changes within the university, is now run by students of Interfaculty Biotechnology Division at the Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture. The SIG’s resides at the Department of Parasitology and Invasiology of the Preclinical Sciences Department at the Faculty of Veterinary. It is supervised by D.Eng. Marcin Wiśniewski; and the current president is Łukasz Kowalkowski. The SIG’s activity includes three sections:

Molecular Biotechnology section – supervised by D.Eng. Marcin Wiśniewski

Plant Biotechnology section – supervised by D.Eng. Marcin Filipecki

Organic Chemistry section – supervised by Prof. Ewa D. Raczyńska

The section’s activity has been rewarded with prizes in biotechnology contests such as OASSB, or SIGs reviews.

Majority of the active members belong to ASSB – Academic Association of Biotechnology Students, which is a part of YEBN (Young European Biotech Network). KNBiotech’s member, Emilia Daniłowicz, was YEBN’s secretary and  board member in 2007-2009. In 2009, the function of secretary and broad member was given to another KNBiotech member, Jakub Radzikowski.

The SIG’s members actively participate in many events and workshops, promoting and popularizing the biotechnological knowledge, such as Science Festival, Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw University of Life Sciences days, “DNA – the Encyclopaedia of Life” workshops. In 2003 the universtity, together with the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and Science Festival, created the Science Festival School (now BioCEN – Centre for Innovative Bioscience Education). The Warsaw University of Life Sciences engaged in organizing and conducting laboratory classes for children and teenagers. The aim of these workshops was education and popularization of biology-related topics, by means of public lectures, trainings, shows and workshops for middle and high school pupils and teachers across Poland.

The collaboration in the organization of Intercollegiate Biotechnology Conference “Symbioza” is a great opportunity to exchange experiences between the organizer SIGs, and to learn valuable skills.


knbmuwMolecular Biology Student Interest Group at the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology

The Molecular Biology SIG works at the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology and is supervised by Prof. Ewa Bartnik and Prof. Paweł Golik.

The SIG provides students with the contacts with all aspects of molecular biology. The basic activity are weekly student seminars. They are a great opportunity to improve public speaking skills, and constitute a motivation to read scientific literature and present the results of the research for the students’ theses, scientific exchanges, or summer internships. At the same time, the listeners learn about interesting studying possibilities. The systematicity makes the SIG one of the most active student clubs in the University of Warsaw. Each year, the group co-organizes the Faculty of Biology’s SIGs Conference, which is held at Warsaw University’s Hydrobiological Station in Pilchy. The members of the Molecular Biology SIG actively participate in Polish and international conferences, where they present their scientific achievements in seminars and posters.

The Molecular Biology SIG is present also at Warsaw University Birthdays, the Biologists’ Night, and other popularizing events at the Faculty of Biology. They also participate in the Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre with a program that is specially tailored for younger audience.

The Molecular Biology SIG participates also in research projects. This enables the members to carry out their own research, learn molecular biology techniques, meet other scientists, and become the authors of scientific publications.

The co-organization of Intercollegiate Biotechnology Symposium “Symbioza” constitutes an interesting and developing challenge for the SIG.